What makes Selldash different

This is a common question I get from both customers and potential investors. After all, every business idea starts with a few simple questions – what is the market gap or market opportunity? What problem are we solving? What can I do differently here? How do I challenge the status-quo and disrupt the existing business models?

Selldash is based on one fundamental premise – building on top of open-source technologies is the best way to grow your online business. Not only can you access state-of-the-art tech that is running today’s internet (think Linux, KVM, Kubernetes, Apache, Redis, NGINX, WordPress, I can keep going on), you can innovate and deliver customer happiness at a much faster pace compared to proprietary software. At Selldash, we are big advocates of the open-source movement and have fully embraced the possibilities unleashed by open-source innovation. Here is how Selldash is different from other platforms that offer e-commerce hosting / services.

Kubernetes – our entire cloud platform is built on top of Kubernetes and NGINX. This makes it very different from a traditional hosting business which is all about packing users onto a massive cloud server and statically allocating resources to each client. The dynamic nature of our platform means we can achieve infrastructure density, efficiency and performance that is far superior to the traditional hosting provider, at more or less the same price-point. Selldash Growth is only 45$ per month and offers the most full-featured e-commerce solution for under 50 bucks.

Email marketing – as anyone who has tried to run an e-commerce business will tell you, it is all about customer engagement. Customer engagement is how you build brand loyalty, incentivize your customers to buy more, and encourage them to keep coming back for repeat purchases. Selldash Growth bundles lead generation plugins and email marketing tools that help you perform email marketing without having to use third-party software like MailChimp. And with every release, we are introducing new marketing automation features that help put your customer engagement on auto-pilot. And that is how you win in e-commerce.

WordPress plugins – when you sign up for Selldash Growth or above, we preinstall a suite of valuable WordPress plugins that make it very easy to perform common web development / site management tasks. For example – we include Elementor Pro, the most powerful page-builder tool in the WordPress ecosystem. We include must-have plugins for WordPress backup management and WordPress email delivery. We make it very easy to create external backups on Amazon S3. And we are constantly expanding the list of plugins that are available on Selldash, making it easier for you to sell FAST and sell MORE.

In this post, I tried to quickly summarize what makes Selldash different and why we think Selldash offers the most powerful e-commerce solution you can get for under 50$ monthly. Every day, we are helping new entrepreneurs launch their online business. Get started today and pay only 5$ for your first month on the Selldash platform (with a money-back guarantee).

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